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Special Prayer Request

Welcome to our prayer request page.  On this page you can submit your prayer request and remember no prayer request is to big or too small for God to answer. Our prayer warriors are in prayer 24/7 petitioning  God on your behalf.

Pray for delieverence from evil wizard and spirits of sorcery

over a year ago by Adeel Rashid Pray for me
Please pray for me and my family an evil wizard is attacking me and my family by his evil spirits and evil charms and casting out spells and sorecary.


over a year ago by Magdalena Lovejoy Pray for me
please pray that the evil spirit of abduction, abuse, and hatred and jealousy named Mary Harmandayan, Gino Pascole, and Paul Bernardo leave my mind and I am healed in my mind, and my family is healed and set free from all evil, so please deliver us from evil. Magdalena Lovejoy

help!! GUNMEN!!

over a year ago by J kelly Pray for me
Gunmen have been gotten to send against me. My family also need prayers that no one can ever threaten or harm them in any way In Jesus' holy name. The have ben shooting off their guns since yeasteday and I need for the Lord to send His holy armies to show and tell the authorities who and where and when and how of the matters and make it impossible for them to ever get to me or anyone for me in Jesu holy name Pray that THE LORD WILL TAKE OUT THE PERPRETRATORS FROM WHERE THEY SHOULD NOT BE and to see to it that the terror of god is on the foes and no one can mes with me in Jesus' holy name.

Job and finance

over a year ago by George Vincent Pray for me
Please pray for my job and financial crisis


over a year ago by Monae Pray for me
Hello I find this a bit odd requesting this but I would like to be delivered as notice change within myself which I feel im being provoked by some force... I feel as if I’m going through a spiritual war I can no longer battle alone I am also seeing changes in my son he’s 1 year old he is very cranky at times and I also notice him making these hissing sounds or monster sounds that really scare me.... I’m often sick with migraines that’s unbearable sometimes & when I go to the doctors they tell me nothing is wrong my stomach hurts everyday to the point I’m taking pepto bismol just to settle my stomach every day... I go to the doctor again nothing is wrong... I’ve been trying to move to Florida for 3 years now and every time I make the decision to go my money is scattered my finances is shattered something is always in the way I’m emotionally tired & physically drained I need help please help me